Future strategies:
Five focus areas for every
future-facing business

Find out the Modulr approach to building
resilience, flexibility and great customer
experiences, so you can take full advantage
of opportunities.

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Meet the authors

1 – Infrastructural efficiency: Putting your pieces in place
Setting out the board isn’t just about getting everything neat. It’s about being in the right place to play (and win). And that means getting your back-end right as a priority.
Alex Kantor
Director of technology
Michael Clarke 
Director of engineering - Architecture
2 – Customer experience: Know your opening moves
It’s all about starting with a strategy. Otherwise, the pace will be set for you. Find out how to own your customer journey by working to your strengths.
Jack Parfitt
Senior account executive and fintech specialist
Gavin Waddell
Account director and crypto specialist
Georgia Peace
Account executive and lending specialist
3 – Get disruption-ready: Anticipate your opponent’s next move
You’re not the only one trying to win. The worst thing that can happen is to miss your opponent’s strategy and get caught out. Find out how to be a ‘fast follower’ and take advantage.
William Lorenz 
Payment strategy director
4 – Innovation: Finding your unbeatable gambit
You need to look for opportunities and know how to take advantage of them when they present themselves. And if there aren’t any opportunities? Find out how to innovate and create opportunities.
Sergei Miller-Pomphrey
Product manager of ModLabs, Modulr’s experimentation department
5 – Monetising payments: Winning the game
In chess, there can only be one winner. But business offers multiple ways to win. But that means there can also be multiple losers. So how do you win? The answer lies in focusing on the right areas and monetisation.
Jamie Robertson
Solution consulting director

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