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Introducing our API

We build API-first

Modulr’s built the new digital payments network, connecting with banks, payment schemes and methods. The Modulr API is the gateway into that network. So businesses can easily and securely access all the payment services they need.

Built from the ground up, the Modulr API was one of the first REST APIs to launch in banking. It’s powerful, secure and easy to use.

Easy to use

Our REST API uses JSON based resource-oriented URLs. It’s predictable and comes with Swagger based API documentation for ease integration. As well as a full sandbox environment for testing.


All our services are built API-first, so there’s nothing you can’t access. Start using accounts within seconds. Use rules to automate complex flows. Receive webhook payment notifications.


Our API was purpose-built from ground up. It’s secured with TLS 1.2 and SHA-1 HMAC. And regularly enhanced with new payment features, whilst remaining backwardly compatible.

Sandbox access

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Create a free sandbox account and get full access to our API and customer portal. So you can experience how easy it is to integrate Modulr into your business.

Developer Centre

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Our Developer Centre contains extensive documentation on features and functionality available through our API. As well as dedicated developer support.

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Get full access to our API and portal through our sandbox environment. So you can test drive the technology.

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