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We work with corporates, recruitment agencies, umbrella companies, payroll bureaux, accountants and software providers to make payroll payments efficient and secure.

Why Payroll?

It’s time for a new way to pay

Payroll software has revolutionised payroll management. But making payroll payments is still slow and manual. Over a third of payroll managers still use Excel (see our survey). Manually creating, approving and uploading batch CSV files takes days. Increasing operating costs and risk of data breaches and fraud.

With Modulr, payroll payments are faster, automated and more secure. We already process millions of transactions every month for corporates and payroll companies.

Pay on time, every time

Pay employees or contractors within 90 seconds, 24/7. All backed up by our industry-leading SLAs. Fewer payroll delays and faster visibility of errors gives payroll companies a competitive edge.

Eliminate manual processing

Trigger payments automatically from existing systems. Eliminating manual processing and checking for cleared funds. And reducing overheads by up to 65%.

Segregate for easier reconciliation

Open unique accounts for individual clients. Segregate incoming payments for easy reconciliation. And automatically trigger payments to contractors and freelancers.

Streamline workload.
Deliver efficiency

No waiting for Bacs payments to clear and errors to surface. Process last minute changes more easily, spread your workload and deliver operational efficiency.

Plug into
existing payroll software

Our API can be integrated into existing Payroll, Accounting and ERP software. So businesses are up and running in days. Creating beneficiaries and triggering payments at the touch of a button.

Bolster security.
Reduce risk

Eliminate manual processing and data storage on internal drives. Manage everything through Modulr’s secure platform. Mitigating GDPR-related and data breach risks.

What our customers say

Modulr works for our Payroll customers

Accentra testimonials
"With Modulr’s API and 24/7 functionality, umbrella companies and payroll bureaus now have the luxury of waiting till Friday to receive payment from agencies to pay contractors. In traditional banking there was a constant rush to either push the agencies for payments and get contractor payments done in time before the bank closes. Modulr has made it easier to deal with any delays in payments received from agencies or timesheets directly from contractors."
Varun Monteiro, Head of Operations, Accentra.

"We used to pay contractors by logging onto a banking application and entering the payment details for each contractor manually. That process took us one-and-a half to two hours to pay 50 contractors every week. Now it takes no more than 30/40 seconds to pay all 50 contractors."
NSP Contractors, an Accentra customer.
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