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We helped this leading business outsourcing specialist to reduce costs by 65%.

The Problem

Manual Processes

ICS, a leading business outsourcing specialist, needed a payroll solution to replace its traditional file handling process. The business wanted to see if it was possible to implement an automated process which was faster, and enabled better control.

The Solution


Modulr helped ICS by removing its manual processes and replacing these with flexible payments APIs. ICS’s existing banking payments process has now been replaced with Modulr’s automated, accurate and faster solution. This has provided the business with the increase in speed and control it urgently needed, and has also reduced its costs. Since using Modulr, ICS has reduced its payment processing costs by 65%.
Modulr’s APIs effectively untangle complex and laborious payment processes, which are sometimes based on legacy systems. This enables swift and easy account set-up, greater visibility and control of payment flows, and automated reconciliation.

The Benefits

Create accounts instantly

ICS can now set up individual accounts for each client they work with allowing clear segregation of funds and easier reconciliation.

Automate Faster Payments

The Modulr platform gives ICS easy access to Faster Payments and the  API allows them to trigger automatic payments out. 

Efficient commission collection

ICSs commission can be automatically deducted from transactions, reducing the need for manual account intervention.

Quick and simple reconciliation

With unique accounts for each client and notification of fund movements, reconciliations become faster and easier.

Reduce technology support costs

By replacing batch payment files with Modulr’s API, the number and severity of payment errors are reduced.

Secure accounts

Individual FCA regulated E-Money Accounts are held securely by Modulr, and can be controlled by ICS through Modulr’s API.


Clients can access Modulr services through multiple methods

Integrate Modulr services directly into your platform

Log in to manage customers, accounts and payments

Instantly create and manage multiple accounts

Initiate payments instantly

Know exactly when changes happen to your accounts

Seamless access to payment schemes

How Modulr works for ICS

Modulr is a highly flexible and configurable platform to suite different business’ needs. The diagram shows how ICS have combined the modules we offer to to enable a solution that’s right for them. 

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What ICS thinks

Stuart Thornhill, ICS CEO commented: “We are delighted with the improvements that have been made to our payroll processes. Thanks to Modulr, our old file handling processes have been completely overhauled, and we are already making time and cost savings.”

Stuart Thornhill - CEO , ICS

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