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Learn how this payments gateway made improvements to its disbursement and fund segregation processes.

The Problem

The Problem


Cardstream offers white label payments services that power transactions for customers in Europe, the USA and Asia. Cardstream needed a solution that made both collection and reconciliation easier, and enabled easier pay out.

The Solution

The Solution


Cardstream selected Modulr to help with its requirements. Modulr’s unique suite of payments APIs deliver enhanced control and flexibility to Cardstream.

Modulr is supporting Cardstream’s collection and reconciliation requirements by streamlining and improving its existing process. Previously, Cardstream had a single account for ISOs (Independent Sales Organisations) to pay into. This made it difficult for Cardstream to reconcile payments to merchants, and caused a lot of lag in the process. With Modulr’s help, Cardstream can now set up an individual account for each merchant, which saves a significant amount of time for ISOs.

Implementing Modulr’s APIs has brought clarity and ease to Cardstream’s existing processes. It also means that the business can grow and scale up without the limitations it experienced previously.

In addition to this, Modulr is improving Cardstream’s pay out processes. Modulr’s Faster Payments Service mean that suppliers and merchants now receive payments in a fraction of the time it used to take. Modulr is enabling better payment flow and providing better visibility over high volumes of payments.

Already renowned for its simple, scalable and secure solutions, Cardstream will use Modulr’s APIs to enhance its services. It joins a growing list of clients who have adopted solutions which are transforming the way high-volume payments systems can be managed.

What Cardstream thinks


Adam Sharpe, Cardstream’s CEO, remarked: “We have seen some terrific improvements at Cardstream thanks to Modulr and its innovative payment APIs. Cardstream is already benefitting from having more visibility and greater control. Feedback about our improved processes has been extremely positive, and the team has noticed how much time we now save since automating our existing payment processes.”

Adam Sharpe - CEO , Cardstream

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