Create virtual and physical cards via API

Easy and reliable card issuing from one platform.


Dave Robinson
Paxport – a Modulr card customer

“We've brought to market a revolutionary solution that allows our customers to do far more. It fulfils all our customers' requirements in terms of full transparency of payments, faster movement of money and matching of reconciliation data within seconds of a transaction taking place.”

Fully customisable card design

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Fully customisable card design

Branded physical cards with the latest modern issuing features out of the box, including card freezing, real-time spend notifications and smart rules and triggers for each card. Everything you need to launch a digital bank.

Simplified back-office

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Simplified back-office

Management portal for customer support teams, simple chargeback process, card stock ordering and management, so your back office team doesn’t need to scale with your revenue.

One-stop solution

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One-stop solution

Cards are natively connected to Modulr e-money accounts and our wider infrastructure, enabling features like multiple currencies, direct debits and Faster Payments at the touch of a button.


New to issuing cards

Card Spread2



Fast time to market

Getting a product out the door? There's no need to patch together different providers. Leverage Modulr’s full-stack solution to get up and running in no time.


Simple and intuitive

Whether you know your PCI from your PAN, Modulr takes the complexity away with intuitive online documentation and a team well versed in helping first-time programme managers. We look after scheme reporting, fraud monitoring, stock management and more, leaving you to focus on the customer experience.


Scales with your business

Our platform is built to handle millions of authentications. Issue cards across Europe (coming soon).


Consolidate your supplier stack

Limit the costs from managing multiple partners, handling unplanned downtime or dealing with regular schema changes. Modulr’s API allows you to abstract away the complexity, while retaining all of the flexibility.


Easy migration

With our well-rehearsed onboarding playbook, we can help you transition from previous providers onto the Modulr platform. Our team know the importance of a swift migration, and can help you move across with minimal customer disruption.


Scalable and reliable

Our platform was built to scale, handling millions of transactions each week. As a Visa Principal issuing member, we remove 3rd party dependencies, giving partners the stability to build long-term payment innovations.


Existing card programme

Asset 14@4x


Management portal

Easy management with our portal




Unified view

View your accounts, balances, cards and transactions in a convenient and intuitive online portal.

card controls

Powerful card controls

It's easy to manage cards, right down to the cardholder level. Benefit from the latest features including card freezing and card re-ordering saving your back-office team valuable time.


Hassle-free admin

Granular levels of user permissions puts you in control. Export options make reporting and management information convenient and quick.

Integrate the newest features as they’re released

GBP & EUR virtual / physical cards LIVE
Apple / Google Pay Coming Soon
3D Secure LIVE
Pan-European issuing Coming Soon
Metal cards LIVE
Multi-currency cards Coming Soon
Tokenisation Coming Soon
Auth forwarding Coming Soon

Card issuing in your industry

  • icon-star Alternative banking
  • icon-fintec Fintech
  • icon-travel Travel
  • icon-employment Employment services
  • icon-crypto Crypto
  • icon-lending Lending

Alternative banking

A new breed of banking services is growing to cater to the increasing demand for digital banking, but the legacy banking infrastructure providers are not on the same page. 

Modulr’s innovative digital banking platform provides an easy and reliable card issuing solution; allowing you to issue fully customisable virtual and physical cards from the Modulr API. We’ll give you access to the very latest in modern issuing features, straight out of the boxincluding card freezing, real-time spend notifications and smart rules and triggers for each card. Everything you need to launch a digital bank. 


FinTechs are seizing opportunities, disrupting the status quo and delivering entirely new products. But many FinTechs still struggle with legacy payments practices and infrastructure.  

Modulr’s innovative digital banking platform provides an easy and reliable card issuing solution; allowing you to issue fully customisable virtual and physical cards from the Modulr API. We’ll give you access to the very latest in modern issuing features, straight out of the boxincluding card freezing, real-time spend notifications and smart rules and triggers for each card. Everything you need to launch a digital payment service. 


With the travel sector facing unprecedented disruption, it’s more important than ever to deliver seamless customer journey 

Modulr’s digital payments platform will give you innovative ways to attract and retain customers and improve their travel purchasing experience, including the ability to issue one-off cards for making travel paymentsChoose from a range of BIN types and receive interchange income, all while reducing manual process costs and improving reconciliation. 

Employment services

Many employment services organisations rely on outdated processes to pay employees and contractors but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re an umbrella, payroll or recruitment company, embracing modern platform could save you time and resource and help you deliver a first-class employee experience. 

With Modulr, you can issue cards (either virtual or physical) for salary advances so that employees can start spendinstraight awaywith salaries available to be drawn down flexibly, rather than in one lump sum. And create a financial hub for your employees by adding payments and direct debit functionality. All this, and more, is possible with Modulr’s digital payments platform. 


Cryptocurrencies could reshape the future of finance and consumer demand has skyrocketed. But the sector faces unique challenges, not least finding a provider that understands the demands of the crypto industry or offers the scalable payments infrastructure needed. 

Modulr is a full digital banking platform that can help you integrate with fiat currencies and provide a seamless payments experience for customers wanting to invest in bitcoin and other digital monies. We’ll help you to differentiate your proposition with the ability to offer both virtual and physical cards, giving customers more ways to spend funds they hold with you. And, with new features released as the market moves, we’ll save your development team time while keeping you ahead of the game.  


In the highly competitive lending market, differentiation is key. Deliver a first-class lending solution by issuing cards (either virtual or physical) so that your customers can start spending, straight away Funds can be drawn down flexiblyrather than in one lump sum and spending restrictions can be applied, for greater control.  

Take advantage of the wider capabilities of the Modulr digital banking platform to extend your offeringcreating a financial hub for your customers by adding paymentsdirect debits and more, for an unrivalled borrowing experience.