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Video: HyperJar and Modulr talk about delighting customers with The Digital Now

Modulr By Modulr on 14 December 2021   •   1 min read

Watch: Laura Pappi, Head of Operations at HyperJar, on the central role of payments in customer experience

We were excited to be joined by Laura Pappi, Head of Operations at HyperJar, to discuss The Digital Now: Meeting your customers’ payments expectations. This was a nationally-representative survey of consumer expectations with regards to payments and digital experiences.

HyperJar offer a 'jam-jar savings' app, with the ability to allow multiple family members or friends access to an account, with limitations around how they're used. Babysitting, pocket money, or office whip-rounds - they're just a couple of examples of the types of reasons people use HyperJar.

They've also recently conducted their own consumer research, which made for some fascinating links with ours. Nick Adams, one of our payment experience specialists at Modulr, joins Laura to talk through The Digital Now. To read the research for yourself, along with our ebook chock-full of insights, download The Digital Now.