Modulr: Myles Stephenson on camera: replacing corporate transaction banking

Myles Stephenson on camera: replacing corporate transaction banking

Hannah Mellow
Hannah Mellow
July 2018

Fintech TV returns to Money20/20 Europe this year and interviews Modulr's CEO, Myles Stephenson.

Following on from last year's interview with Fintech Finance at Money20/20 Myles Stephenson re-introduces Modulr to Fintech TV.

How are you guys different to other payments providers?

We're focusing on a particular niche, replacing corporate transaction banking. Particularly for big corporates that have a large flow of payments in and out of the business, and making that more automated and efficient.

And is there an appetite for this?

Yeah, absolutely. We've grown very strongly. We've been going for about two years and we've grown to process two and a half billion pounds worth of transactions already; and growing significantly month on month. So yeah, we're absolutely seeing an upside in particular industry verticals, including lending, payroll and a few others.

And are you global?

We're based in the UK at the moment and expanding out. So some of our most recent news is we have just integrated into SEPA to provide Euro accounts in addition to the GBP accounts we're providing.

Watch the full video here:


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