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Morses and Modulr partner to further enhance payments services

Modulr By Modulr on 19 August 2020   •   1 min read
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Morses Club PLC, an established provider of non-standard financial services, is pleased to announce that Shelby Finance Limited, the Group’s Digital Division, has entered into a new supplier relationship with Modulr Finance Limited, a digital payments provider.


The relationship relates to the Digital Division’s U Account business, which provides e-money accounts, and replaces the Company’s existing relationship with Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd

Modulr’s platform will provide the Group’s U Account customers with an enhanced payments service, along with a superior customer service experience for their e-money and payment needs.


Modulr’s direct participation to the payment schemes Bacs and Faster Payments will provide U Account customers with a reliable card processing solution and allow them to make near instant Faster Payments. This wide-ranging digital payments solution is not typically available outside of mainstream banking providers.


Read the full original release here.