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Introducing Modulr Club: Digital | Keeping you informed, prepared and resilient

Modulr By Modulr on 2 April 2020   •   2 mins read
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We’re all navigating a changing business environment and the need to adapt is critical. 

Many rely on events to discover the latest innovations and ideas, but this year they will not be going ahead in their usual format. 

And now more than ever, industry information exchange is not only an opportunity but critical to adapting and moving forward in challenging times. But no need to worry! 

At Modulr, we're committed to providing you with relevant and genuinely informative insights into how you can adapt to the changing world. And, better understanding your payments processes, can also help you identify hidden inefficiencies and build resilience into your operations.  

Introducing Modulr Club: Digital

That’s why we’ve decided to bring our payment specialists and partners direct to your screensOver the next few months, Modulr Club: Digital will be running a series of webinars, roundtables, panels and Q&A sessions.  

Not only will these virtual events offer valuable knowledge, they’re an opportunity to engage with your peers as we all find ways to adapt and evolve together. You’ll have the chance to ask industry experts your questions, with guest speakers from Sage, iwoca, Visa and more.  

Places are limited and on a first come, first served basis. You can already sign up for some of the events below. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Modulr Club: Digital Schedule

  • 🔓 9 April: Virtual Fireside Chat + Q&A – UK Payments UnlockedWatch on-demand.  

  • 🔓  21 April: Virtual Coffee – Lending Industry Roundtable. Learn more.

  • 🔓 5 May: Virtual Fireside Chat + Q&A – European Payments Unlocked. Watch on-demand.  

  • 🔐 26 May: Virtual Coffee Roundtable – Property   

  • 🔐9 June: Virtual Coffee Roundtable – Acquiring  

  • 🔐16 June: Virtual Coffee Roundtable – Employment Services 

Digital Accountancy Innovation Roadshow Schedule

Calling all accountants. Now more than ever, accountants need to be agile and innovative so they can provide the best support for their clients.

Join us for a series of digital panel discussions and roundtables. We're bringing together industry experts to offer advice on how accountants can navigate the ‘new normal’. You'll learn how to deliver better client experiences, adapt to changing business models and harness the benefits of new technology.

Want to be notified when the next webinar unlocks? Let us drop you an email