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Product guide: How to upload all payments in a single file for streamlined payroll

Modulr By Modulr on 25 November 2020   •   4 mins read
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No more manual inputs or a need for API integration - upload files from your payroll software directly to Modulr’s portal to make instant payments. 

Product summary at a glance - introducing file upload

Many organisations still rely on slow, outdated and error-prone payroll processes. So, while we're building the future, instant payments architecture via API, we're now also backwards compatible!

The release of File Upload means you can upload all payments in a single file through the Modulr portal, speeding up and streamlining your payroll processing. Meaning you can join us now, all without the need for API integration.

Key benefits for businesses include:
  • Easy upload. Export the file from your payroll software and upload payments to Modulr as a single file.
  • Faster payments. Transform Bacs Standard 18 files into Faster Payments via Modulr’s portal.
  • Reduced errors. Use the automated checking system to detect errors in the payment file, so you know exactly what to fix. 

Whether you’re an accounting practice, payroll bureau, umbrella, or a business managing payroll internally, traditional payroll processes can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. Meeting the strict deadlines for Bacs every month can be a recurring struggle, and the problem is compounded if you’re making weekly payments.  

To make the situation worse, traditional payroll methods are riddled with clunky interfaces and downtime. There’s little transparency of payments and significant room for errors when inputting data manually. And payroll mistakes and missed deadlines are expensive and time-consuming to resolve, incurring hidden fees and draining resources. 

Modulr’s File Upload now provides a faster, easier way to upload payments into the Modulr portal. When combined with our Faster Payments and multiple EMI account capabilities, this streamlines the entire payroll process.

What are the benefits of Modulr’s File Upload? 

File Upload offers businesses the ability to upload payroll payments in bulk using the Bacs Standard 18 file format, without having to integrate Modulr’s APIs into their own software. It’s particularly valuable for employment services businesses that need to process a high volume of payments through Modulr’s portal, as it eliminates the need for manual input. 

Because there’s no API integration required, businesses can get setup and running with Modulr’s payments portal quickly and start processing payroll straight away. 

Businesses will benefit from the ability to: 

  • Upload payments in bulk. Upload up to 5,000 payments in a single Bacs Standard 18 file through the Modulr portal, speeding up and streamlining your payroll processing. 
  • Process payroll faster. Transform Bacs Standard 18 files into Faster Payments via Modulr’s portal, so you’re no longer constrained by Bacs deadlines 
  • Easily detect and fix errors. The automated checking system detects errors in the payment file, so you know exactly what to fix before processing. 
  • Make payments from multiple accounts. Choose multiple source accounts for payments, enabling faster and more streamlined reconciliation. 
  • Approve multiple payments at once. Save time by approving payments in batches of up to 500. 

How Modulr’s File Upload works  

The File Upload process is designed to be as straightforward as possible. 

First, export the payment file from your payroll software. This should be a Bacs Standard 18 file with payments in GBP.  

Next, log into your Modulr portal and upload the file. Any user with access to make payments from all the EMI accounts in the file can upload it. If desired, you can select multiple source accounts, provided they are their Modulr EMI Accounts. 

Once the payment file has been uploaded, the system will conduct the following checks automatically: 

  • User permission. You have permission to make payments from the selected accounts. 
  • File format. The file is a Bacs Standard 18 file format and payments are in GBP. 
  • Number of payments. The file contains up to 5,000 payments and is under the size limit. 
  • Payment date. The date of the payment file is either set to now or in the future. 
  • Source accounts. All source accounts are correct. 

If any errors are detected in the above checks, the system will provide you with the exact reason why, so you can easily go into your payroll software and make the necessary adjustments before resubmitting. 

Then it’s time for approvals. Another user will need to approve each payment. To speed up this process, they can multi-select and approve up to 500 payments at once.  

Which businesses will benefit from File Upload? 

Many businesses can benefit from Modulr’s File Upload feature, including: 

  • Accounting practices 
  • Payroll bureaus  
  • SMEs that process payroll internally 
  • Umbrella companies 
  • Recruitment agencies 
  • Payroll software providers 
  • Salary advance and instant pay solutions 

Take the pain out of payroll without worrying about API integration, and move money faster with Modulr’s Faster Payments and unlimited EMI accounts. 

To learn how your business can benefit from File Upload, speak to one of our specialists today